• No appearance fee
  • No travel fee
  • No mileage fee
  • No video/text synchronization fee
  • No video delivery fee
  • No scanned exhibit fee
  • No E-Transcript fee
  • No hidden production fee
  • No viewing software fee
  • No linked exhibit fee
  • No “after hours” fee 
  • No exhibit disk fee


Video Live Streaming is the future…
At a fraction of the cost.



no-downloadNo Software Downloads –

There are no downloads required to join a live deposition. The only requirement is a high-speed internet connection, a web browser and the Adobe Flash® Player.


web-basedWeb-Based Solution –

The live stream product is a 100% web-based solution, this way depositions can be conducted in real-time with anyone, from anywhere, at any time.


simple-depositionSimple Deposition Scheduling –

Built-in invitation tools, allows deposition hosts to simply sendout an email with deposition details, such as URL, date and time.


multiple-platformMultiple Platform & Browser Compatible –The live stream product  works on PC, Mac and Linux machines, as well as multiple internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari.

live-videoLive Video Feeds –
Ability to stream video in real-time, observe a witness’s demeanor through live video feeds


audio-broadcastingAudio Broadcasting –

via VoIP or Toll-Free Conferencing, attendees can listen to what an interviewee is saying instantly.


voipSecure Instant Messaging –

Get instant feedback from team members or anyone connected to your group through private group chat.






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